Germanjet 12 Series


Parisan control is an advance close-loop system for blow molding machine. The 12 series non-contact absolute position transducer is specially designed for parison control. It provides feedback of the valve position to controller to precisely control the thickness of the bottle.

The absence of electrical contact eliminates all wear and guarantees almost unlimited mechanical life expectancy. Electronic component and body are modular design which can be detached easily to be re-calibrated. The transducer is rated for IP65 which offers full protection against outside agents for use in harsh environments with high contamination and presence of dust.

Model Number
0-10V and 10-0V Dual Output
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Magnetostrictive Technology

The fundamental principle of the Germanjet position transducer is by analyzing the feedback sonic wave induced by an interaction of two magnetic fields. The first magnetic field is produced by the moveable magnetic cursor which attached at the moving component of a machine. The second field is generated by the pulse initiator. Learn more...

Electromagnetic Compatibility

is the branch of electrical engineering concerned with the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy which may cause unwanted effects such as electromagnetic interference EMI) or even physical damage in operational equipment. Learn more...